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For what it’s worth-writing to the President

Yes, I know it is very doubtful that President Obama reads the emails that we send. Even if it gets read by some lonely volunteer, I guess that is something. It did feel good to take a few moments last weekend to write how I felt about his position on marriage equality, as well as put it in context with an issue which has even more weight for me-climate change.

My email to President Obama:

It has been several days now since you announced your personal feelings about marriage equality, and I wanted to be among those to thank you for your consideration of this issue. Even though I am gay, I can understand the challenges that many have over the acceptance of marriage for gays and lesbians. After considering the arguments, I created a blog post on how I evolved on the issue.

As proud as I am that the President of the United States supports full marriage rights for same sex couples, the reality is that the issue continues to lose at the ballot box. Your announcement came after the big loss in North Carolina. So I have no illusions that this issue will be resolved soon.

Now, here is a bigger reality check. The planet is warming due to human activity. Many people do not understand how serious this is or are in denial that this is even a problem. Even though the civil rights of LGBT people are very important to me, the future of our planet and our climate is a more pressing concern. That is why I am using  my Twitter account (@tomyamaguchi) to send a tweet a day for the climate. I started on Earth Day and will continue to Election Day. I know you want to address climate change in the 2012 campaign. I want every candidate for every public office in the country to address this issue. It is too important to ignore. We need to know where our candidates stand on climate change to be able to cast an informed vote.

Thank you for your support for LGBT equality and for all the work you have done.  May we be able to thank ourselves in the next few years for providing a livable planet to our children and grandchildren.

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