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Happy to See You

Confession time. I am an unrepentant people watcher. I love watching people: all sizes, all shapes, all sexes, all ages, all colors. I love watching all people, even the proverbial green and blue people. I haven’t seen any blue or green people yet, but if I see any I’ll let you know.
It doesn’t matter if I find the person sexually attractive. In a way, I find all people in a crowd attractive. If they are dancing or walking or running or rolling in wheelchairs or just standing, I like to watch. There is only one thing they have to have in common; they have to be having fun. A smile makes anyone beautiful. People experiencing joy is a beautiful sight to see.
A street fair with food, drink, and live music; a concert or picnic in the park; these are great places to engage in people watching. I know people who say they hate crowds. For me, the more people to watch the better. If I ever go blind, I know that I will find a way to continue to watch people. My only condition for survival in a crowd is access to adequate restrooms. Long lines for the porta-potty is not good when you really have to go. With a clean place to pee when I need it, I am fine. I sit back and watch the passing parade. Or maybe I get up and join the parade.
Of course, I enjoy natural environments, as well, taking the opportunity to escape city life and be in nature, far removed from the civilized environment. I can worship in the cathedral of redwoods, as John Muir once did, or walk along a path far away from roads and parking lots. I found that it doesn’t take far to get to the place where you see no people at all. You just have go go far enough from the nearest parking lot.
For me, the country is a place to escape, to find rest and solitude. The city is a place to live. I negotiate my space with others on a daily basis. I try to mind my manners and share space in the urban environment. I work at acting civilized. I may not always succeed, but I continually try.
Yes, I am a people watcher, and I expect to be one for the rest of my life. If we meet on the street and our eyes connect, my eyes will be saying to yours, “Happy to see you, friend.”

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